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Dear friends and visitors,

Welcome to our website!

As many of you are aware, the internet constitutes the most modern means of communication among people worldwide.

As Founders of this website, we would like to welcome you and inform you that our objective is to promote our community through this website and make it more well-known. We aim to achieve this by elevating its history, monuments and natural beauty, this way informing and attracting both local and foreign visitors, who will, in turn, offer it the opportunity to exit the period of decay and regain its lost prestige, just like when our community flourished as a centre of the surrounding region. 

We created this website so that visitors and mainly our expatriates and their offspring will actively participate in this kind of communication and also to give the chance to those who have not met their parents’ birth place in person to discover the history and natural beauties of their place of origin.

Visit our communication Forum where we can exchange views and new ideas and also to comment about matters involving the promotion and upgrade of the website so that this will become a tool we can use to be informed about our community’s progress.   

In this Forum you are able to express your opinions, ask questions, make observations, suggestions and announcements, as well as to provide and receive information of general interest and generally about anything that might be of interest and which you believe could be helpful in turning this forum into an information bank for our community.    

Share your ideas with us and we promise that we will do our best to effectuate your suggestions while promoting the progress of the community.

Kritou Terra has been a pioneer of progress and has given birth to people for whom we feel proud of, not only because they were born and raised in our community, but also because they offered so much to our country and its people. 

Even today we sense them as though they are still among us and we have the obligation to elevate them by reminding our compatriots about the work they have done, some even by dedicating their lives to this so that we would be able to exist as a nation.    

We invite you to visit our community as our guests and we will be more than happy to take you on a guided tour of our community.

Finally, I would like to thank the Vice-President of the Community Council, Mr. Savvas Arkadiou, who envisaged the creation of the website and for the time he sacrificed to fulfill this vision.

We wish you a pleasant browsing on our website!

Dervis Charalambous
President of the Community Council

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