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Elementary School

Kritou Terra was the first village of Pafos and probably the first village of Cyprus which had established its own primary school since the end of the 18th century, in 1796, and which had 53 pupils and 3 teachers. 

The primary school was founded by Dionysios Ierodiakonos, cousin of Hadjigeorgakis Cornesios, who had studied in Italy and taught at the Kykkos Monastery. After a request by Hadjigeorgakis Cornesios, Dionysios came to Kritou Terra and founded the first primary school of Pafos, whereas later on he went to the Bishopric of Pafos where he founded the second primary school of Pafos.

The second primary school was built around 1804 and was, at times, attended by approximately 100 students despite the fact that 2/3 of children and mainly of girls did not attend school. The primary school seized operating approximately 30 years ago. However, its building still stands today and houses the Environmental Studies Centre.

Kritou Terra Community Council 
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Great Cyprus Encyclopaedia 
Dr Christou G. Aristeidou
Savvas Arkadiou, Vice-President of the Kritou Terra Community Council

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