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Kritou Terra

At an idyllic scenery “hugged” by high mountain peaks emerges the community of Kritou Terra. These high peaks “embrace” the village on all sides but for the northern one from where one can enjoy the view of Chrysochous’ bay.  

Kritou Terra is a village of the Pafos district and it is built on an altitude of 570 metres. In the east, the village neighbours with the communities of Pano and Kato Akourdalia, in the south with the communities of Kathikas, Arodes and Droushia, whereas in the north with the communities of Terra, Choli and Skouli. The distance between Kritou Terra and the Town of Pafos is approximately 29 kilometres, whereas the climate of the area is characterized as cool during the summer months and mild during the winter months.    

Although small both in population and land extent, our village is however one of the wealthiest villages as far as the importance of its areas and personalities who come from Kritou Terra are concerned.  The following words have been written about the village: “Never before has a small community managed to be in the spot lights of publicity for the remarkable sights located within its narrow borders as Kritou Terra has”.

In particular, Kritou Terra constitutes the birth place of Dragomen Hadjigeorgakis Cornesios and Hadjiosif, of Archbishop Damaskinos, of the EOKA hero Savvas Petrides, of the great poet Tziapouras, and of many other splendid personalities.More: Personalities 

As far as the important locations of Kritou Terra are concerned, these are the casino, the laundry, the well-known “kefalovryso” and approximately 12 watermills. More: Sights 

Kritou Terra Community Council 
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