What is noteworthy is the fact that there are twenty chapels in the area surrounding the community. The most important ones, according to Arkadiou, are those of Agia Paraskevi, Prophet Elias, Agios Theodoros, Agios Efsevios or Evresios or Epsefios, the Monastery of Agia Aekaterini, as well as the four chapels dedicated to Agios Georgios. It is also remarkable that the monastery of Agia Aekaterini was built by a monk of the Sinai Monastery, to which he came under. According to this Egyptian monk’s own words, he lived alone in the monastery which owned approximately 4000 square kilometers of land, which he would lease to the residents of Kritou Terra. When he left, he sold this land to the owner of the casino at the time. This church was restored at the beginning of the 1990s using government funds.  

The remaining chapels of Kritou Terra are the ones dedicated to Agia Eirini, Agia Afinia, Agios Ioannis, three more dedicated to Agios Georgios and those of Agios Kournoutas and Agies Petres. 


Savvas Arkadiou
Dr Christou G. Aristeidou